• Everything Counts!
    Everything Counts!
  • Reach Higher!
    Reach Higher!
  • Keep Moving!
    Keep Moving!

Shine up your favourite pair of sneakers and get ready to embrace their comfort, agility and overwhelming style in the office this week! That’s correct, April 9th-13th is "Sneak it in Week,” so put those sneakers on and get ready to integrate physical activity into your work week!


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TeamPAL How appropriate! Changing physical activity habits blog on #MotivationMonday https://t.co/GJ5llF1PAs
TeamPAL Nice weather is here!! Time to dive into water activities http://t.co/CEz5GSX7Zr #FunInTheSun
TeamPAL @SnowWhiteLara Great to hear from you Lara :) Bonne journee!
TeamPAL New blog on finding #motivation to exercise http://t.co/wYlN7tHH2k
TeamPAL Wow what a weekend!! Sun, physical activity and fun! Tell us how you were active this weekend!

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