A few weeks ago, I provided you with a few helpful tools to get you out and started on your cycling journey. Today, I want to add a few more key recommendations for those ready to take it to the next level.
Cycling events like GranFondos, charity rides, or Centuries (events of 100 km or 100 miles - be sure to check which one beforehand!!) are challenging, but can be extremely rewarding. You'll enjoy amazing scenery, good camaraderie, and of course the bragging rights that come along with such an accomplishment.
Here's a list to help ensure your big day is a big success.

  • A short sleeve jersey or athletic top combined with arm warmers and a vest, provides similar warmth as a jacket but allows you to easily strip layers as the temperature rises.
  • Gloves, sunglasses, and a helmet are crucial and you'll look professional!!
  • Bike specific shorts with padding (called a chamois) are a good investment as they make riding more comfortable.
  • Unfortunately, not every event will have hours and hours of glorious sunshine, so consider investing in a light waterproof jacket and bike gloves to keep you warm.

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