It’s no secret that fall is here and winter is nearing. To prevent the winter blues and stay motivated, I always do physical activities I enjoy, which includes indoor rock climbing.

This sport focuses on muscular endurance, it gives you an adrenaline rush, you stay out of the rain and snow, and since you need a partner, it’s also a social activity!

How to get started:

You can rock climb at dedicated climbing gyms or at some recreation centers and universities. Here’s a province-wide list of climbing gyms.
Choose a facility with qualified instructors who prioritize safety.

On your first visit:

Wear loose fitting pants or shorts and a shirt.
You can get by with runners but rock climbing shoes are better. Their rubbery soles stick to the wall and pointy toes are advantageous for getting your foot on the small holds (a hold is a plastic shaped “rock” or holding point on the climbing wall). Check with the climbing gym to see about shoes that you can borrow or rent; bring socks!
You’ll have to take a short lesson on how to belay (how to properly tension and hold the safety rope while your partner is climbing) and put on your harness correctly.


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