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The Physical Activity Line (PAL) is British Columbia's primary physical activity counselling service & your FREE resource for practical & trusted physical activity & healthy living information. 

"Our mission is to improve your health through evidence based physical activity guidance tailored to your needs & lifestyle"

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Qualified Exercise Professionals are available Monday to Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST, to assist you with all of your physical activity related needs. Call our phone line for FREE exercise and fitness advice regardless of age and medical condition.

Toll Free Number: 1-877-725-1149 |  Lower Mainland: 604-241-2266

You can also email the PAL staff around the clock with any of your questions or concerns at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & we will be sure to get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Contact us at no cost today. That's correct, it's a FREE service!


Staying FiteRegular physical activity contributes to healthy aging by reducing your risk of disease and helping you feel better and live longer. By slowly increasing your level of activity, you can improve your quality of life, handle day-to-day activities more comfortably and keep your independence.

For older adults, it’s especially important to focus on activities that strengthen your heart and lungs, promote healthy and strong muscles and bones, and help ensure your joints and muscles are safe and healthy.

If you’re not physically active, have a low fitness level or have physical limitations, start with a little bit of activity and build up slowly. Gradually increase:

  • the number of times per week you’re active
  • the length of time you’re active
  • the amount of effort you put into being active

There are many physical activities that can be adapted so they’re safe and effective for older adults (see the Older adults sheets, listed below). You can also choose exercise equipment that’s suited to the needs of older adults, like a recumbent bike (a bicycle that lets you recline against a back rest), a stationary bike or a treadmill with a handrail.


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Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury and loss of independence among seniors? Although the risk factors increase with age, falls are not an inevitable part of aging. Without prevention efforts, about one third of people aged 65 years and over typically fall once or more each year. Falls usually happen due to the combined effects of factors that can be prevented, and the more risk factors a person has the greater their chances of falling. Many falls can be prevented, and there are many resources available to help seniors stay healthy and independent as long as possible.


Are you or your family members at risk of falls?  

To find out, take the online interactive survey: Are You at Risk of Falling?


Key Ways to Prevent Falls

Here are some key ways to help you or your loved ones reduce the risk of a fall:


Increase physical activity and muscle strength.

Physical strength is particularly important to keep mobile and prevent falls and injury. Exercise is good for your heart and circulation, as well as your bones, muscles and balance. It also helps to maintain a healthy weight and mental well-being.

Improve mobility and balance. 

Keeping mobile and improving balance are particularly important to help prevent falls and injury, as individuals with low mobility levels and impaired balance are at higher fall risk. Maintaining or improving these can also increase overall health and independence.

Ensure adequate levels of vitamin D and calcium, through diet and supplements.

As you get older, it is particularly important to keep up your calcium and vitamin D intake to maintain strong bones and muscles.

Have regular vision check-ups and correct vision problems.

Regular eye exams are important to address vision problems, as poor vision can increase the risk of a fall.

Review all medications with a doctor or pharmacist.

Taking multiple medications is linked to falls - the greater the number of medications a person takes, the greater the risk of any kind of adverse reaction from a medication, including falls. Some drugs in particular, such as sedatives, are more likely to increase the risk of falling.

Reduce trip and slip hazards in the home or outdoors.

Paying attention to our surroundings helps everyone to be safe in our homes and communities. Many falls happen to active, healthy older adults as well as individuals with impaired mobility.

For additional information, including suggestions and resources for these key ways to prevent falls, visit: www.gov.bc.ca/fallprevention              


BC Seniors’ Fall Prevention Awareness Week

Seniors’ Fall Prevention Awareness Week is held annually during the first week of November. During this week, the BC Fall and Injury Prevention Coalition, health care providers, and seniors organizations across BC held presentations, screenings, and workshops to raise awareness among older adults and their families and caregivers, elder care professionals, and the general public about fall prevention and ways to reduce fall risk.

To learn more about these and other events, visit the awareness week website at:


Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. The Physical Activity Line (PAL) is a free physical activity counselling, resource, and advice phone line service for all BC residents. The qualified exercise professionals at the PAL understand the changes that occur with age and can provide you with personalized physical activity plans no matter your age or health status. We are just a free phone call away. Contact us today! 

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