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The Physical Activity Line (PAL) is British Columbia's primary physical activity counselling service & your FREE resource for practical & trusted physical activity & healthy living information. 

"Our mission is to improve your health through evidence based physical activity guidance tailored to your needs & lifestyle"

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Qualified Exercise Professionals are available Monday to Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST, to assist you with all of your physical activity related needs. Call our phone line for FREE exercise and fitness advice regardless of age and medical condition.

Toll Free Number: 1-877-725-1149 |  Lower Mainland: 604-241-2266

You can also email the PAL staff around the clock with any of your questions or concerns at

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Top 5 Summer Physical Activity Ideas for Kids and Adults

The nice weather is officially here to stay! We suggest ways and ideas for you or your kids to be active and make 2014 a summer to remember!

For kids:

1) Playground. Monkey bars, slides, and swings are all exciting, and cost nothing. Climbing up stairs and ladders is also good for building strong bones and muscles. To top it off, when all the steam has been burned off, take advantage of the nice sand to make miniature cities and roads with toy cars.

2) Catch. Throwing a ball, be it a baseball, football, or tennis ball, is an activity most children enjoy. The nice thing about playing catch is that it's easy to do, and can be done almost anywhere there is enough room.

3) Swimming. The pool, beach, and cottage, what do they all have in common? They're a refreshing way to stay active over the summer months! Swimming's also good for building a strong heart and lungs. Remember to play it safe and always have supervision.

4) Soccer. Be it 4 on 4 in the backyard or an organized league, soccer promotes team work, physical activity, and coordination. Cleats and shin pads can trickle down from older siblings, neighbours, or cousins.

5) Fort building. Now this is a summer long project! What might begin with a few boards and blankets, will eventually become a fortress and hours of unstructured active play.

For adults:

1) Sign up for an event. Doesn't matter what it is, be it a 5 km run, a beach volley-ball tournament, or charity bike ride, having a goal to accomplish can give you that extra motivation to get out the door and moving. If possible, try and enroll a few friends and family members so you will have training partners, and you can all look forward to the same goal.

2) Playground strength. While your children are at the playground, take the opportunity to do a few muscle strengthening exercise. Think pushups, triceps dips using a bench, and lunges. We can certainly provide you more ideas! Give us a call at 1-877-725-1149 for FREE advice.

3) Evening walk. Take advantage of longer days to sneak in a stroll after dinner. Enjoy the cool night breeze, a sunset with your loved one, or a quiet time to put you in the mood for sleep.

4) Hiking. Time to lace-up your boots and grab your backpack for an exploration session. Doesn't matter if you're doing the West Coast Trail or simply hiking in your local park, the fact you're out the door, getting some fresh air, and enjoying nature will guarantee a good time.

5) Early morning boot camps. If you're the type that enjoys a group atmosphere, and likes to get their physical activity in first thing in the day, a morning boot camp might be for you. Make sure the class is of your ability level and is taught by a qualified exercise professional. You'll enjoy your second cup of coffee even more knowing you already got a workout in while your friends are still sleeping J


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Have questions or would like more information? Give us a call at 1-877-725-1149 for FREE. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @teamPAL and like us on Facebook. The Physical Activity Line is always happy to help!


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